Book Shelves

ABCrosby offers book shelves in our standard styles or we can build to match the style you already selected for your facility. Our furniture can be found in the educational, healthcare and hospitality industries, including university dorm rooms, rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes and hotels.
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ABCrosby is proud to deliver

• Top quality and durable furniture
• Dependable sales and service support
• ROI protection with modular construction
Whether our design or your design, our furniture is built to meet your needs.

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Complete line of Build to Design furniture

ABCrosby and Company, Inc. produces a variety of furniture for the Educational, Healthcare, Hospitality and Hotel industries including Armoires, Bed Side Tables, Desks, Dining Room and Community Tables, Dressers, Headboards and Footboards, Mirrors, Occasion Tables, Over Bed Tables, and Wardrobes. We can produce or reproduce many custom items.

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