Industrial Work Surfaces – Frequently Asked Questions


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Q:  What Production Methods are used?
A:  Panel Gluing, Boring, CNC Machining, Coating, Edge Banding, Finishing, L & L Edge Gluing, Panel Cutting, Post Forming, Routing, Sanding, Saw Cutting, Shaping, Wide Belt Flat Sanding

Q: What are some of the Edge Types offered:
A: Bull Nose,  Self Edge, T-Mold, Waterfall, Other Edge Types per Customer Specification – Ask us

Q: What Materials are used?
A: Birch Plywood Core, Chemical Resistant Laminates, Laminates, Thermofoil, Medium Density Fiberboard, Particle Board, PVC, Static Dissipative Laminate, Veneers
Wood (White Ash is our Standard, Other Types Available),

Q: What is the Maximum Workbench Length?
A: 144 in.

Q: What is the Maximum Workbench Width?
A: 60 in

Q: What Features or Add Ons are offered?
A: Back Splashes, Brass Grounding Terminal, Custom Machining for Slots, Notches, Holes, Clips, Radius, etc., Shelves

Q: What about Inspection and Quality?
A: We do a Manual Inspection. Most Materials and Sheets are Green Guard Certified.  There’s Visual Inspection at Every Step.  We are meticulous.

Q: What about Production Volume?
A: High Volume and Low Volume

Q: What is the Typical Lead Time:
A: Expedited Delivery Available upon Request.  Varies on Complexity of Project and Material Requested

Q: What are some of the industries you focus on?
A: Aerospace, Automotive, Biomedical, Chemical, Clean Rooms (Supportive Cores), Defense, Education, Electrical Workshops, Electronics, Medical Components, Telecommunications

Q: What are some of the File Formats you accept?