Production Methods

For over four decades Maple Wood has provided the highest quality tables and table tops at competitive prices with dependable on-time delivery. Our products feature quality New England craftsmanship, and are aesthetically pleasing as well as highly functional.

We specialize in manufacturing high pressure laminate combined with wood, as well as all laminate and solid wood products. We have available a complete line of laminates from any manufacturer. Wood products are available in any species, including ash, oak, maple and cherry. Wood surfaces can be stained to your specifications from our standard stain selection, or to match your sample. Wood surfaces are finished with a highly durable conversion varnish.

Custom projects are our specialty. After finalizing your design, we manufacture your countertops and tables according the highest standards of quality. Our technicians combine traditional woodworking methods with computer-assisted production equipment to craft.

Visual inspections at every step ensure your pieces are built with the sturdiness and durability to provide an extended service life. Whether you are looking for a totally functional solution for an institutional application or a modern aesthetic for a contemporary space, we have the resources to meet your specific requirements.

Maple Wood is proud to provide:

• Dependable, superior manufacturing and quality craftsmanship.
• Competitive prices on standard items and special designs
• Shorter lead times
• Reliable delivery commitments


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