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General Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is High Pressure Laminate?
A. High Pressure Laminate is a thermoset paper/plastic composite, where decorative papers are consolidated over phenolic impregnated papers at high temperatures to form a homogeneous laminate. Laminates are generally .028 to .050 inches thick and have very high impact resistance characteristics as well as resistance to wear and liquid spills.

Q. What materials are often confused with High Pressure Laminate?
A. Many products that consist of a very thin layer of film containing a decorative pattern that is thermofused to particle board are sold as laminate. These products, such as melamine, superficially have the appearance of high pressure laminate, but do not have the wear characteristics of true high pressure laminate. Their impact characteristics are identical to those of the particle board substrate, and they are therefore highly susceptible to denting and scratching, and water damage.

Q. What is the proper care of laminated surfaces?
A. High pressure laminate should be cleaned with a damp, non-abrasive cotton cloth. Mild detergents or household cleaners work best. For hard to clean areas, use a nylon bristled brush. Rinse with clean water.

Q. How should wood surfaces be cared for?
A. Our wood surfaces can be wiped clean with any standard dilute restaurant table cleaning product. It is important to wipe the surface dry after cleaning. Prolonged exposure to liquid is harmful to any finished wood surface. Abrasive or highly concentrated products will damage the surface and will void the warranty.

Q. What woods are available for table edging?
A. Our standard is ash, which has the look and feel of oak. Other species such as oak, maple, birch and cherry are available. The up-charges per linear foot of edge for each species is specified in our price list.

Q. How can I get a quote as quickly as possible?
A. You can directly contact the factory by phone or fax, or by email at: Responses are made in the order of their request. Quotes will usually be returned within 24 hours.

Q. Do you keep products in stock ready to ship?
A. No. Our products are all custom manufactured to your specifications.

Q. Do you sell only to businesses?
A. As a rule we sell only to wholesale businesses.
Q. What colors and finishes are available on your products?
A. Our products are available in an almost unlimited range of finishes and colors. Our laminates are generally selected from WilsonArt, Formica, Nevamar or Pionite. If you have a design that calls for a laminate from a different manufacturer please contact the factory for a quote. We can build your product in any laminate that is available. Lumber for edges or for solid would tops is also available in almost any species. Wood edges are finished in any one of our large number of standard stains, and custom stain matching is also available for an additional charge.

Q. Do you accept international orders?
A. Yes. Please contact us to arrange shipping details. All payments for international orders must be in US funds.

Q. What are your typical lead times?
A. Lead times are highly dependent on a large number of factors including quantities, material availability, current factory backlog and type of construction. As a general rule, self-edge table tops are 2 – 3 weeks, wood edge tops are 3 – 4 weeks, solid wood tops are about 4 weeks, and casegoods can run from 6 – 8 weeks. If you have special delivery requirements, please contact us and we will make every effort to accommodate them.

Q. How are laminated products manufactured?
A. Laminated products usually have a particle board core, although other materials such as MDF and plywood can also be used. A water soluble glue is applied to the core which is then sandwiched between the high pressure laminate sheet and a balanced backer sheet. This stack is then pressed under approximately 100 pounds per square inch of pressure for 45 min to 1 hour. At the end of the press when the glue is set the laminated panel can be cut and edged, either with wood, T-molding or self-edged with laminate.
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